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Solar developer to file $285 million lawsuit against Coventry, Exeter

A Rhode Island renewable energy developer says it plans to sue the towns of Coventry and Exeter for a total of about $285 million, saying the corporation has been illegally deprived of its rights to develop solar projects in those towns.

Green Development LLC Thursday morning announced its intention to bring federal and state claims against the towns and hold all elected officials, planning members and zoning officials personally accountable.

“There has been a long and tortured path to get to this point and unfortunately we have no other recourse, but to file this action. The actions of various town officials, who have acted outside of their purviews and contrary to town ordinances and due process in many instances has unfairly deprived and interfered with Green’s ability to operate and develop renewable projects. Green has expended millions of dollars in Coventry and Exeter and the actions of certain individuals have unnecessarily brought projects to a standstill,” Bill Fischer, spokesperson for Green Development, said in a press release Thursday morning.

Green claims that certain people in Exeter and Coventry have deprived the corporation of its rights to develop in those towns and have also interfered with Green’s development interests in other communities.

It’s seeking about $85 million from Coventry and about $200 million from Exeter.


By Jack Perry
Journal Staff Writer

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