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Premier Land Development

The Client

Premier Land Development and Construction Company is one of the fastest growing construction and real estate companies in Rhode Island. A full-service real estate firm, Premier Land Development Construction Company offers commercial and residential sales and leasing, development, property management and construction services throughout Rhode Island, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and beyond.

Our Connection and Success

John Mancini assists Premier Land Development and Construction Company in its property tax and assessment matters, lease agreements, evictions, property acquisitions, refinancing, construction contracts, and land use developments.  Most recently, John has facilitated Premier Land Development and Construction Company’s acquisition of the Wanscuck Mill at Branch Avenue, 229 Waterman Street and the Oviedo Town Center in Oviedo Florida.

John has been an invaluable partner to the growth and success of my companies. His thoughtful, practical and steady stewardship have help me charter through some difficult and complex times. He is a true and reliable friend, who makes your problems his burden.

David Corsetti
President, Premier Land Development

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