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Green Development

The Client

Since 2009, Green Development (formerly “Wind Energy Development, LLC”) has developed renewable energy solutions across Rhode Island. They work with Rhode Island communities, public entities, land owners, and farmers to plan and construct wind turbines and solar power systems that deliver reliable and inexpensive power. Green Development is passionate about transforming and diversifying Rhode Island’s energy portfolio. They have partnered their clients to provide renewable energy solutions that are best for each individual’s specific needs. Their hands-on approach to each project allows them to meet the everchanging needs of their clients and partners throughout the process.

Their expertise in financial and legislative requirements, supply chain and logistics, and technical logistical advancements, along with efficient project management gives each party involved a piece of mind knowing that they have experts working with them to create a sustainable solution that meets their renewable energy needs.

Our Connection and Success

Mancini Carter provides Green Development with day to day advice as needed with the governance and management of Wind Turbines and Solar Power systems throughout Rhode Island.  Specifically, Mancini Carter has assisted Green Development with its projects in Coventry, Richmond, Lincoln, Johnston, Exeter and North Smithfield.

John and his team at Mancini Carter help us navigate complex and confusing regulations with ease in the world of permitting renewable energy, whether it be wind or solar power.

The Mancini Carter team are true professionals; they take the time to update us on the status and progress of their work at every stage. Importantly, John is easy to work with and quick to call you back.

Mark DePasquale
Owner of Green Development, LLC

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